Department Contacts

Elizabeth Shivock

Special Education Supervisor

(570) 853-4921   x1335

Brenda Reddon

Special Education Secretary

Elementary Secretary

(570) 853-4921   x0

Timothy Borick

School Psychologist

(570) 853-4921   x1263

Kathryn DeVivo

Elementary Speech Pathologist

(570) 853-4921   x1249

Beth Smith

Speech Pathologist

(570) 853-4921   x1240

Madison Dailey

Elementary Life Skills Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x1241

Katherine Edwards

Elementary Emotional Support Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x1104

Bridgette McKennas

Elementary Learning Support Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x1114

Ellen Rockwell

Elementary Learning Support Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x1202

Rachel Wargo

Elementary Learning Support Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x1109

Melissa Franks

Secondary Life Skills Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x2101

Carmen Megivern

Secondary Learning Support Teacher

Secondary Emotional Support Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x2106

Wes Parks

Secondary Learning Support Teacher

(570) 853-4921   x2216

From time to time, the district experiences phone line issues. If you should run into a problem calling in, parents may still contact the Elementary and High School Offices at the following numbers: Elementary School - (570) 853-3092 or High School - (570) 853-3918.