Special Education Services

Susquehanna Community School District 

Special Education Department

Susquehanna Community School District is committed to providing free and appropriate public education to all school-age individuals residing within the district's boundaries. Students determined eligible for special education are educated in the least restrictive environment to meet their individual academic, functional, behavioral, or social needs. For more information on special education, please contact 

Elizabeth Shivock, Special Education Supervisor 

(570) 853-4921 eshivock@scschools.org


Elizabeth Shivock - Special Education Supervisor

Timothy Borick School Psychologist

Kathryn DeVivio - Elementary Speech Pathologist

Beth Smith - Elementary and Secondary Speech Pathologist

Brenda Reddon - Special Education, Elementary Secretary



Madison Dailey - K-6th Grade Life Skills

Ellen Rockwell - K-3 Learning Support

Rachel Wargo - 4th-5th Grade Learning Support

Bridgette McKennas - 6th Grade Learning Support

Katherine Edwards - K-6th Emotional Support



Melissa Franks - 7th-12th Grade Life Skills

Wesley Parks - 7th-8th Grade Learning Support

Carmen Megivern - 9th-12th Grade Learning, Emotional Support

From time to time, the district experiences phone line issues. If you should run into a problem calling in, parents may still contact the Elementary and High School Offices at the following numbers: Elementary School - (570) 853-3092 or High School - (570) 853-3918.