Administrative Contacts

Bronson Stone
Telephone Ext. 1304


Julie Gallo
Elementary Principal
Telephone Ext. 1337


Brent Soden
HS Principal
Telephone Ext. 2344


Peter Supko
Head of Curriculum
Telephone Ext. 2193


Elizabeth Shivock
Special Education Supervisor
Telephone Ext. 1335


Michele Walker
IT Director
Telephone Ext. 1219


Gary Kiernan
Business Manager & Director of Transportation
Telephone Ext. 1398


Debra Williams
Administrative Assistant
Telephone Ext. 1304


Diane Terpstra
Business Office
Telephone Ext. 1307


From time to time, the district experiences phone line issues. If you should run into a problem calling in, parents may still contact the Elementary and High School Offices at the following numbers: Elementary School - (570) 853-3092 or High School - (570) 853-3918.