Administrative Contacts

Bronson Stone
Telephone Ext. 1304
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Julie Gallo
Elementary Principal
Telephone Ext. 1340
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Brent Soden
HS Principal
Telephone Ext. 2344
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Peter Supko
Head of Curriculum
Telephone Ext. 2193
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Elizabeth Shivock
Special Education Supervisor
Telephone Ext. 1335
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Michele Walker
IT Director
Telephone Ext.
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Gary Kiernan
Business Manager & Director of Transportation
Telephone Ext. 1398
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Debra Williams
Superintendant Administrative Assistant
Telephone Ext. 1304
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Diane Terpstra
Administrative Assistant
Telephone Ext. 1307
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Ann Stewart
Financial Assistant
Telephone Ext. 1398
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Susquehanna Community
School District

3192 Turnpike Street
Susquehanna, PA 18847
Phone: (570) 853-4921

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Confidential Issue? Call (570) 853-4921 extension 1340

Confidential Issue or Question?

Call Our Anonymous Tip Line:
(570) 853-4921 ext. 1340 or 2344

Lost of Missing Child? Call (570) 853-4266

Lost of Missing Child?

We're here to help!
Call (570) 853-4266